What the Premium offer brings you

Training Kit

We offer you a large choice of training, whether you are a student, a teacher, a training center or a factory shop floor manager. Besides we could provide keynotes during your events.

Access to the hub

Premium allows a full access to the entire hub of our experts and our advices, allowing be surrounded by the best proven experts for your challenges.

Get 'FactoVia One'

Get a discount on 'FactoVia One' training kit (see below). It is manufactured in France, ready to be plugged into a power socket, and that works !

What is 'FactoVia One' ?

'FactoVia One' is a kit composed of a mini-factory with software in it to teach about industry 4.0. To promote largely the education for free, both hardware and software have been Open Source. However, this still requires some time and expertise to build it. The Premium offering allows to get it or borrow it at a discounted price. On one hand, its elegant design has already convinced some industries to put it at the reception desk for a WOUW effect on their customers ! And on the other hand, training centers are buying it because it is cheaper, less cumbersome and lighter than traditional training industrial equipment. With 'FactoVia One' you can learn about Azure Digital Twins, Dyn365 Remote Assist/Guides, Azure IoT Hub / Central, Azure Defender for IoT, IoT Edge, Azure Custom Vision... Below a sample of our catalog.

Extract of our training catalog

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Stop simply monitoring your equipment ! Have data flowing real time to a centralized location to anticipate failure and take actions real-time.

  • Two hours training for free

Digital Twins

This topic is often under estimated because a similar notion exists for the last few decades. However, this topic is true new revolution, that is defined by the Digital Twin consorsium. You will master apply its principles thanks to our training kit.

  • Two hours training for free

Azure IoT Central

You have an easy project that needs to be deployed fast and at a cost of few cents per devices, with nearly no code and “plug-and-play” solutions ? This training and solution is for you

  • Two hours training for free