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The industry is changing: we reinvent training and help deploy digital tech via our community of experts.

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Industry 4.0 - The very easy way to teach

The fundamental concepts of Industry 4.0 are very easy to teach when you do it the right way.

Industry 4.0 made easy with Montessori principles

Misunderstanding and underevaluation of the disruption

It is challenging to explain to many Execs the concepts of Industry 4.0. Presentations and demos are not tangible enough to transpose to the real-world. This leads to a lack of investments, delay in decisions and employee suffuring with manual tasks. In turn, impacting competitivity.

Opportunities : Re-invent new ways to learn

New Industry 4.0 training are needed; based on approached developped in 1900, combined with recent scientific reseaches in Montessori and psychology, we created an immersive pedagogy, based on innovation (hardware and software).

Montessori : understand the complexity via true use cases

Montessori : understand the complexity via true use cases

Preview of our pedagogical training kit

Preview of our pedagogical training kit

Ready today !

To get trained and make your Factories 'Smart', this initiative has been jointly created with industrial actors since 2015, with a first deployment was back in 2019. With 21 years of experiences, the founder of FactoVia has deployed over 40 Industrial IoT projects.

The training kit is designed in France with real robust industrial equipment, thus it is a mini-factory that interracts with true co-bot, robot, Cloud, IoT Edge and even Smart glasses. The kit allows us to teach you with over 10 true Use Cases.

Finally, we are also teaching at global scale with MOOC (Massively Online Open Courses).

The industry is talking about us

"The mini-factory is excellent!"

Fouad Bendris

IoT & SmartData Lead Europe Management School GN-Board of Directors

"Great demonstrator based on industrial standards such as OPC UA"

Stéphane Potier

2018: Marketing Manager France B&R (ABB group)

"👍 I LOVE IT !!!!"

Marcia Paglia

SAP Partner Manager